Services for Victims of Crime/
Victim Compensation

Having been through or been affected by a crime?  This can be devastating for an individual, their loved ones, and others close to them.  Victims of Crime Compensation offers mental health benefits to those affected by crimes.  Children can receive 40 sessions, adults 30, and those affected (spouses, parents, children) can receive between 15 and 30 session of therapy.  

You and your loved ones may be eligible for 15-40 "free" therapy sessions if you have experienced and/or witnessed:

  • domestic violence
  • child abuse
  • assault
  • sexual assault
  • homicide
  • robbery
  • drunk driving
  • vehicular manslaughter
  • human trafficking

If you have been affected by a crime, please contact us at (415) 488-6122 or email to schedule a phone call and we can help you determine your eligibility and schedule an appointment to begin treatment in our San Francisco, Marin, Berkeley, or Oakland office.  

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